Olivia Ponton Workout

Best Olivia Ponton Workout Strategies

Social media has taken our world by storm. Now lifestyle gurus, fitness experts, and qualified professionals are using social media to share their expertise. Most of the experts complain that people who follow social media turn into fitness gurus more than educated professionals. The main reason is that where professionals try to explain everything scientifically, these social media influencers show the day-to-day experience, and users can learn through their practices. This helps the users to know how much or how little they need to work on themselves. Since their results are more relatable and these influencers appeal more to the younger audience, the young generation likes the idea of following these social media influencers.

One of the leading names in the social media influencer industry and affiliate marketing is Olivia Ponton. Olivia is famous for her workout and fitness regime. Her main focus is on a healthy diet, good workouts, and simple day-to-day lifestyle changes that help her to become one of the best names in the current era of technology. All her content on Instagram and TikTok is related to fitness. She is practically famous for her abs and lean muscles. Youngsters appreciate her advice because they can relate to the day-to-day struggles.

Olivia Ponton Workout

With the help of this article, we will mainly highlight some of the best practices that Olivia Ponton has openly endorsed through her content. We will further look at a basic Olivia Ponton workout that most people have used and it has worked for them. Apart from this, we will look into some basic diet recommendations as well.

What’s In the Olivia ponton Workout?

The famous Olivia ponton workout contains different workout routines and different exercise styles. She focuses on a healthy diet with a regular workout. Within her workout, there is cardio, weight-based training, bodyweight workout as well as intense core workout. Since she is famous for her lean muscle build, most of the workouts are fat burning and the focus is on the waist area. She has a tiny waist workout with bubble but and a tight core that gives her the perfect model body.

Your workout will start with a basic warm-up so your body can gain back the lost flexibility. Her main focus is on cardio running which helps her work on stamina building and endurance. To fuel the body and get it ready for such an intense workout she consumed five meals per day. This part is especially important to understand that she has been working out for quite a long time so if you are just starting your fitness journey you need to start slow. Let your body adjust and build enough stamina that you can work out according to the requirements of your body. Once you know that your body is ready then you can copy the exact workout formula.

Olivia Ponton Workout


Starting with cardio you need to run as much as you can. The goal is to run till you feel that you are exhausted. When you feel like you are losing your pace, try to slow down and adjust then increase your speed again. With the help of this running routine, you will be able to see improvement in the body fat ratio. Your body will become more lean and muscular. This will also help you with your lower body muscles and core muscles.

Weight Based Training

 For building muscle there is nothing better than to lift the weight. However, there are two most important options. You can either lift your body weight or you can rely on external weight. Olivia uses both external weight training as well as weight lifting which helps her gain better results in a limited time. She uses weight training by concentrating the bodyweight on just one muscle and she also uses some dumbbells and kettlebell workouts. She also maintains a four-day to the three-day ratio for the upper and lower body. She works four days on her body and the rest of three days she spends on recovery.

Olivia Ponton Workout


Monday is a designated leg day. For the Monday workout, you will have classic squats that will help you strengthen your lower body and your buttock area. Then come the weight-based squats and kettlebell squats that will give you the bubble butt. Then comes the jump squats to help you work on your lower body balance and then you can end it up with some leg press, leg extension, and calf raise.


Tuesday is for the upper body so you can start by dumbbells press and some curls and flyers. All these will help in strengthening your shoulder and chest area. Then comes the dumbbell shoulder press to offer your upper body stability. You will then have to wrap up your workout with triceps pushdowns and TRX rows.


For Thursday you will have leg day as well but this time you will have deep squats and weighted squats for waist and buttock. Then comes the leg press and leg curls for the strength of your legs and finally dumbbell leg curls and stiff leg deadlifts.

Olivia Ponton Workout


Friday is an intense full-body workout so you can start with some hack squats along with cable kickback and machine thigh abduction. Finally, you will have hyperextensions, Wall Bridge, and donkey kicks. To wrap up you will have a weighted hip thruster.

Olivia Ponton Workout

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it all comes down to your own lifestyle choices. Most people like to start the workout because they do not want to follow a pattern that has already been used by someone. This is a very fair observation because individually your health and body are very different. There is a hard and fast rule that can be applied to everyone. You need to have a firm grip over details and your body history. Most people have claimed that they have achieved their goal by following the Olivia pontoon method but there are a few people who have claimed that it was not helpful for them.

According to experts, there is nothing wrong with the workout but they are individually different and some people have a very different lifestyle so working out doesn’t work so well for them. Another important thing is age because as we get older our metabolism slows down and it gets difficult for us to have favorable results. Similarly, the overall workout pattern and lifestyle also have a very strong impact. Some people have an active lifestyle so their body responds easily whereas others do not have a very passive and lazy lifestyle which makes it hard for them to adjust.

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