How to Get Rid of Beef Curtains Without Surgery?

How to Get Rid of Beef Curtains Without Surgery?

Many people around the globe are not OK with their natural physical characteristics and want to change them. Numerous people pick operations like medical procedures, which are an exceptional bet for their health. Lopsided labia are ordinary in various women that cause no trouble. Notwithstanding, it reduces the reliance level of multiple females. It renders them unequipped for going with their genuine stream.

Beef Curtains: What Are They?

Beef curtains are a patois to portray the vulva, an outer portion of sex organs in females. Its size, appearance, and shape differ in all-female individuals. Moreover, the smell also differs for all. Various women feel abnormal with its standard form, thinking it uncommon.

You ought to understand that nothing is weird unless it brings troublesome eventual outcomes. Enlarged and lopsided labia growth are by birth in various women, and it is OK.

Beef Curtains: What Causes Them?

According to their knowledge, people in the world give different reasons for this condition. However, if we talk scientifically, specialists only give one reason for the enlargement of labia. It is Children Asymmetrical Labium Majus Enlargement (CALME). In other cases, people accept a couple of causes associated with this condition. Nonetheless, these cases are not the exact causes of beef curtains. Some of these reasons include:

  • Abuse or Sexual Trauma
  • Puberty
  • Having a child or Pregnancy


The labia consist of two parts. One is present on each side of the vulva. Suppose the growth pattern strayed, one overlay is greater than the other; then, this abnormal growth is known as Childhood Asymmetrical Lamium Majus Enlargement (CALME). It happens typically in various females. If you have any problem with it, you can go for an operation or other possible treatment decisions.

Abuse or Sexual Trauma

According to explicit people, expecting any female to have beef curtains, she could have faced any sexual injury or abuse in her early life. It harms the labia by straining and wounding it and causes labia enlargement. However, this is precisely a singular perspective. It has not been coherently shown till now.


Many changes occur inside their bodies and their natural appearances whenever females show up in youthfulness. In some cases, it similarly happens that there is a development in the size of the labia with various changes happening. Hormonal changes in the gatherings of females can also start this condition.

Having a child or Pregnancy

Numerous people associate pregnancy and labor with the labia extension because the vaginal sections go through many changes during this period. There are also various hormonal changes in their bodies.

While being in labor, the vagina of females broadens, and it harms the labia. It can achieve an uneven shape and size change of labia bringing about beef curtains.

Other Than Surgery, How Can You Get Rid Of Beef Curtains?

The beef curtains do not cause any trouble to certain females’ physical and mental health. It is a significant concern for the mental peace of others. Most of them envision that the asymmetrical labia make them mismatched for society, and they don’t feel the incredible energy to go with their conventional everyday practice.

The most potent approach for taking out beef curtains is the Labiaplasty. There are a couple of non-surgical choices like dietary changes, closet changes, etc.

How to Get Rid of Beef Curtains Without Surgery


It is a surgical procedure that changes and reshapes the women’s genital part. Labiaplasty cuts unnecessary mass of beef curtains and decreases labia size. For the most part, Restorative operations go with a couple of risks. After the Labiaplasty, there may be wounds or enlarging of the vulva.

Along these lines, staying aware of vaginal cleanliness is fundamental. If not, any bacterial or viral defilement can cause contamination in the person. Sedation can, in like manner, be an upsetting component for explicit people. Experts ought to caution their patients to be cautious with many elements. Additionally, they really should pick if there is a prerequisite for an operation or, once more, on the off chance that you can select various decisions.

Dietary Changes

The body health of a person is determined by what he eats. You’re body mass index increases if you have irregular and unwanted eating patterns. Overeating can lead to constipation which badly affects all the muscles in the body. The functionality in the pelvic region muscles also decreases.

The fat collection happens in the vaginal portion. You can prevent it by adopting a healthy lifestyle and minimizing junk food intake. Choose a diet with a high level of dietary fibers and estrogen.

Changes in Wardrobe

You ought to know what kind of pieces of clothing are making a burden for you. For certain people, wearing tight pieces of clothing and attire can cause rubbing, making them restless. While picking your articles of clothing, you ought to ensure that the airflow is best in these pieces of clothing and that there is no scouring. You can also use ointments as per the doctor’s prescription to prevent these issues.

Kegel Exercises

Kegel practices are the best options to get the vulva back in the appropriate shape. These are done 2 to multiple times every day to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. In this movement, a singular grasps the pelvic floor muscles for around 10 seconds and steadily loosens up. It will help you with your interests.


On the off chance that you don’t go for surgery and other ways are not completing the work for you, there is also an energy-based technique offered by ThermiAesthetics, which is a helpful way to dispose of excess growth in the body. In this non-surgery, heat to vaginal tissues helps dispose of beef curtains.

Thermal energy helps in the collagen reconstructing, making the vagina reestablish. It increases the adaptability and strength of the vaginal muscles. The whole technique happens in different meetings over 90 days.

Treatment For Beef Curtains Other Than Surgery

Labiaplasty is the best strategy for treating labia enlargement and getting the labia to a reasonable level. It dispenses with the excess tissue and reshapes the vulva. If you would instead not go for this treatment, there are a couple of decisions, including Kegel practices and staying aware of fantastic body health.


There is no need to get uncomfortable with your natural appearance because you are the best in the way you are. You should only be worried about your mental and physical well-being. Let that the labia enlargement is disquieting for you; you can get advice from your obstetrician to make the perfect decision to oversee it.


How do you get rid of beef lips?

Labiaplasty is a surgical technique that involves the excision of extra tissue from the labia majora and/or labia minora, with the labia minora being the most commonly modified.

Why do I have so much excess skin on my vagina?

Excess skin in the vaginal area can be caused by a variety of factors, including childbirth, pregnancy, heredity, and aging. Excess skin can cause pain during intercourse, diminish sensation, and make personal hygiene harder.

What is the medical term for beef curtains?

labium. (redirected from Beef curtains)

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