How to Lose Belly Fat Without Losing Weight Within 4 Weeks?

Even though 4 weeks is a short time to lose accumulated fat, it is still possible to lose some belly fat and lessen abdominal bloating. Here’s how to lose belly fat in 4 weeks.

Extra padding around your midsection is normal, but it’s understandable to want to firm up for a leaner appearance. So, how to lose belly fat without losing weight in 4 weeks?

All you have to do for the next four weeks is to eat right (while cutting calories), increase your exercise routine, and make a few lifestyle changes. Continue your efforts to reduce belly fat for a more extended period!

Exercising to reduce Belly Fat

Do a minimum of 30 or 40 minutes of aerobic exercise at least 5 or 6 days a week.

Exercising is the best substitute to lose weight without dieting. Every day for the next four weeks, go for a jog, run, or brisk walk to burn calories and fat.

Endorphins are released during aerobic exercise, making you feel happier and more confident after a good sweat session. Feeling good will help you get through these four weeks because you’ll be cutting calories and moving a lot more it’ll be exhausting, but don’t give up!

If you are new to exercise, begin slowly and gradually until you can work up to 30 or 40 minutes. Begin by jogging for 15 minutes and then walking for 15 minutes. After the first week, increase your speed and intensity to jog for the full 30 minutes.

Choose an aerobic exercise that you enjoy to stick with it.

Choosing something you enjoy will make the next two weeks much easier. Swimming, kickboxing, dancing, and other sports will count toward your daily 30 minutes of aerobic exercise (minimum).

Whatever activity you choose, keep your heart rate elevated for at least 20 to 30 minutes to break a sweat.

Strength training should be added to your workout routine three times per week.

Lifting weights will help you build lean muscle, essential for improving your metabolism and burning fat throughout the day. A combination of strength training and aerobic exercise is more effective than either alone for losing weight quickly.

It is important to note that strength training does not contribute to the daily requirement of 30 minutes of aerobic activity. You can use weight machines if you don’t know how to do dumbbell exercises properly.

Remember that muscle weighs more than fat if you plan to weigh yourself every few days. But don’t worry, those muscles will help you burn even more belly fat in the next four weeks!

Begin with simple and well-known exercises, such as bicep curls, push-ups, pull-ups, tricep curls, lateral raises, and chest presses. Perform three sets having the count of eight to ten reps. You should use enough weight to maintain good form for the entire set, but you should also rest between sets.

Incorporate High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

HIIT raises your heart rate while keeping your muscles guessing. It’s also more efficient at burning more calories in less time (as opposed to low-intensity training with little to no variations). Work out in HIIT at least three or four times per week (or you can do shorter HIIT routines every day in addition to aerobic exercise). You can do the following as a part of a HIIT workout.

Perform sprints of 30 to 60 seconds while jogging. Before the next burst, rest for 2 to 4 minutes by jogging at a moderate pace.

Walking can also get modified for a HIIT workout by changing your pace and adding hills. Walking is an excellent alternative if you suffer from bad knees or other joint problems. Try out this 20-minute treadmill workout:

  • Warmup for 3 minutes at 5% incline
  • 7% incline 3-minute brisk walk
  • 12% incline 2-minute brisk walk
  • 2 minute 7% incline moderate walk
  • 12% incline 2-minute brisk walk
  • 2 minute slow to a moderate incline walk
  • 1-minute moderate incline walk
  • 12% incline 2-minute brisk walk
  • 3 minutes of cooling down at a 5% incline

How to Lose Belly Fat Without Losing Weight

Avoid cleanses, liquid diets, and other fad diets.

Cleanses are typically only effective for weight loss when combined with a healthy diet (because liquid diets do not provide all the nutrients required). There is no magic bullet; no matter what the latest diet program promises, there are many myths about weight loss when it comes to dieting.

Fad diets can cause more harm than good, especially if you don’t consume enough calories or eliminate an entire food group (which could lead to malnutrition)

Do not starve

Eating too little tells your body to save fat, so eat breakfast, healthy snacks, and fresh meals. Eat no fewer than 1,200 calories per day for women and 1,500 calories per day for men (for men).

A nutritional deficit is reducing 500 to 1,000 calories per day. Because four weeks is a short period, aim to cut 700 to 1,000 calories per day. You can do the following to achieve your target:

  • Remove any extraneous calories from each meal. Put mustard on sandwiches instead of mayonnaise and eat them open-faced. You can even substitute lettuce or a wrap for the bread.
  • Make cauliflower rice to serve alongside stir fries, poke bowls, or as a side dish.
  • Try substituting spiralized zucchini or spaghetti squash for pasta noodles.
  • Use a caloric deficit calculator to determine your daily caloric needs for weight loss.

Don’t become obsessed with calorie counting.

Calorie counting is often done in dieting, and we are not dieting. We are trying to lose weight without dieting, so ditch the calorie counting.

While lowering your caloric intake will aid in weight loss, prioritize quality over quantity. Furthermore, keeping track of calories will make your meals less enjoyable and may make you feel bad about yourself for exceeding a specific number. Keep calories in mind, but don’t get too caught up in the numbers—focus on providing your body with high-quality fuel for the next two weeks (and beyond!).

For example, 100 calories from an apple will affect your body differently than 100 calories from apple pie. The apple contains natural sugars and fiber, whereas the pie has added sugars, saturated fat, and simple carbohydrates.

Slow down and eat mindfully to feel more satisfied with less food.

You are eating while rushed or distracted will make a meal less enjoyable. Instead, take your time and enjoy the textures and flavors of your food. People who eat mindfully eat slower and feel fuller after eating less. You can do the following to indulge more in your meals:

  • For the next four weeks, turn off your phone, TV, computer, radio, and other distractions while eating.
  • Bring everything you need to the table at the start of your meal so you don’t have to get up in the middle of it.
  • Chew your food thoroughly, paying attention to the flavors and textures.
  • Consider how thankful you are for each item on your plate. For example, if you’re eating roasted beets, you might think about how much care and effort went into growing, transporting, and cooking those beets for you to enjoy.

To Conclude:

Weight loss programs with long-term effects include regular physical activity and dietary and lifestyle changes; however, if you follow the above guidelines, you can see visible results in just four weeks.

To eliminate excess fluid and fat and promote skin firmness, you can also use cosmetic treatments such as ultrasonic cavitation, radio frequency, and lymphatic drainage massage. These treatments can be used in conjunction with this weight loss program. However, it is good to consult a weight loss specialist before undergoing any changes affecting your health.

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