How to Master the Incline French Press Technique

Maintaining your fitness means you need to work out regularly. However, without your upper body strength, this workout will go to waste. Most people formulate a workout plan with high priority towards the tight core, upper body strength, and some muscular addition. No matter what kind of upper body workout you add for strength, you need to add incline French press as well. Incline French press helps strengthen your triceps and also improves the girth of your biceps.

incline French press

You will soon notice that your grip is becoming stronger, you can lift a lot of weight and your arms are becoming incredibly powerful. We can all agree that the strength of the triceps is not just connected to the arms but also to the shoulders, chest, and back. Even with all this, the triceps doesn’t get too much attention. Experts agree that your triceps should become your priority if you want to improve your upper body strength. And since triceps are vital, the French press also becomes a very important exercise that you need to add to your workout plan.

Since the French press involves weight, it is very important to know about the weight lifting technique because without knowing about the technique you will end up with an injury. Muscle strains are pretty common when you are unable to lift the weight at a certain angle or without technical understanding. With the help of this article, we will mainly work on the technique.

What Is French Press And Why Do You Need It?

French press is a weight-based isolation exercise that mainly helps you work on your triceps muscles. You will be lifting weight by standing right up and to maintain your balance you will keep the feet apart. As you will lift the curl bar, you will be lifting it straight up above your head. Your elbows will be bent and you will lower the bar just behind your head so you can lift it easily.

Your movement needs to be very calculated. You cannot overstretch or over bent otherwise weight will pull on the muscle and this can become a recipe for disaster. You need to continue this movement but make sure you adjust the frequency and reps according to your fitness goal.

incline French press

The French press is important because of multiple reasons. It is common knowledge that it helps in upper body strength but it mainly targets the triceps muscles. You will instantly see improvement in strength and grip. This mainly targets the long head of the triceps. French press is also very important because it helps in increasing the stabilization of your body. It activates all the upper body muscles and helps you adjust according to the upper body weight. This starts from the glutes and strengthens your core, chest area, and deltoids as well.

A French press can be a great assistant exercise for your day-to-day workout. If you start your exercise for the upper body French press will help you improve the technique and ease your muscles as well. Exercises like pull up, deadlifts, and pushups all need the strength of your triceps that is offered by an incline French press.

How to Master Incline French Press Technique?

Incline French press is also known as triceps brachi as it helps in targeting the strength of your triceps. It helps in improving the strength and endurance of your upper body, arms, and shoulder muscles. This is an isolated muscle stimulating technique that is used in their exercises. Although, the difficulty level is pretty intermediate yet it is not recommended for beginners. In case you are a beginner and you want to start to incline French press, you have to start with some basic warm-up and stretching techniques so your body can get used to the process.

For this exercise you will need a bench, weight as well an EZ bar, the goal is not only to work on your strength but also on the grip and see how much weight you can lift. However, weight lifting will only improve as you gradually increase the weight. If you get straight to weight lifting and increase the weight, this might result in injury or discomfort right away.

For this workout since you will need a bench, adjusting the angle of the bench is very important. Make sure you are comfortable. You need to start by setting your backrest and focus on setting a little lazy angle. A 90-degree angle might strain your back while going all the way 180 will make you put more effort on the core. You need just 45 degrees to adjust your weight.

Now, you have to set the weight on the bar and improve your grip. Now, keep the grip firm and hold the weight at least shoulder-width apart, this will help you balance the bar easily. Now sit on the bench and keep the bar adjusted on your thighs. Push the bar up and lie back on the backrest. Low the bar behind the head and then stretch your triceps. Your goal is to keep in mind that if you feel strain you can stop at that. Now bring the bar back to the initial flex and extend fully. You can keep repeating now.

incline French press

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it all comes down to the level of fitness you have. If you are just starting your workout journey you cannot experiment too much. Start slow and then build your strength. Once you have built the strength and you know your body is ready, only then start to increase weight. Most people do not understand that exercises involving weight require a lot of technical understanding and you need to especially focus on your muscle and how much you can open them up.

In case you use extra weight, increase the frequency to challenge your body, or just follow a professional workout, you need to give your body enough time for prep. With prepping your body, you might end up with a serious injury. The goal here is to start with a warm-up straining and help your body get ready. Another important thing is to start with something simple and then gradually work on increasing the weight so you can work better.

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