All About PCNOK? What Makes Them Outstanding And How They Are Bringing Innovations


Technical advancement has revolutionized every sector of life, including healthcare. This sector has explored new ways to treat diseasing using modern tools and methodologies. Now up-to-date healthcare facilities have been introduced for people of each age group. In Oklahoma, it’s been more than 8 years since when Patient Care Network of Oklahoma (PCNOK) was set up by following modern trends, and now this corporation is known as the most extensive network of caregivers in Oklahoma.

PCNOK is the collaboration of the following.

  • 19 healthcare centers in the state of Oklahoma
  • A Community Behavioral Health Centre
  • A Community Rehabilitation Centre

There is an entire system to give information on various health-related problems to people remotely. So, it will it accessible for you to bring changes to your daily life and implement a healthy lifestyle. The mutual contracts between the healthcare centers are ultimately beneficial for the members of PCNOK.


Aims and Objectives of PCNOK

PCNOK has modernized the standards of medical facilities in all 77 shires of Oklahoma. The ultimate objective of the PCNOK is bringing reforms in the medical field, and it is done in several courses of action that include:

  • By providing a single platform for all the centers in the PCNOK where they can share all the information and resources. This platform helps the members to access their required resources more easily.
  • All the centers share their high-quality practices and experience so they could be applied in all the hospitals for better treatments and research programs.
  • Experienced professionals from different hospitals are working on combined research products to get better information about the disease. These research projects can help to study more about the causative agents and discover new ways of treatment.
  • Training healthcare workers, especially those who lack professional experience. By having the appropriate training sessions, inexperienced doctors learn new skills from the experts and can provide the same services to patients as experienced doctors.
  • Bringing affordable healthcare facilities to the people.

Who can Join the PCNOK?

Membership of the PCNOK is for all healthcare providers in Oklahoma. Till now, 19 healthcare centers in Oklahoma have become part of this organization out of the total 20 centers. If you are its member, you can enjoy all the advantages of this organization. The following centers are members of the PCNOK all over Oklahoma.

  1. NorthCare
  2. Northeastern Oklahoma Community Health Centers
  3. PCHC Panhandle Counseling & Health Center Health Clinic
  4. Pushmataha Family Medical Center, Inc
  5. Shortgrass Community Health Center
  6. South Central Medical and Resource Center
  7. Stigler Health and Wellness Center, Inc
  8. Variety Health Care
  9. Center for Therapeutic Interventions (CTI)
  10. East Central Oklahoma Family Health Center, Inc.
  11. Family Health Center of Southern Oklahoma
  12. Good Shepherd Community Clinic
  13. Great Salt Plains Health Center
  14. Kiamichi Family Medical Center
  15. Arkansas Verdigris Valley Health Centers, Inc.
  16. Caring Hands Healthcare Centers, Inc
  17. Central Oklahoma Family Medical Center
  18. Community Health Centers of Oklahoma
  19. Community Health Connection, Inc.
  20. Morton Comprehensive Health Services, Inc.

Working of PCNOK

Patient Care Network of Oklahoma uses advanced technology to bring finer facilities in the approach of the patients. PCNOK has devised ways to enable doctors to have regular follow-ups of the patient remotely. This appropriate monitoring helps detect any progression of the disease to ensure timely treatment. Moreover, sick persons do not need to visit the hospital frequently, ultimately cutting healthcare costs.

Through this caregiving system, the medical practitioner can collectively access all the patients’ details. This efficient approach is time-saving and more patients can be treated. For the citizen of Oklahoma, it has become easy for them to make appointments with a suitable physician according to their condition while staying at home.

PNCOK’s Huge Effects on the Medical Profession

Since after establishment, PCNOK is constantly thriving to upgrade health facilities and resources for patients. PCNOK has employed hardworking and trained professionals with the zeal to serve the public and solve their health issues by using the most advanced approaches. The sharing of resources brings improved services to the access of patients.

Both patients and healthcare providers get benefits from this organization, including group purchases. If we summarize the impact of PCNOK on the medical sector, it would be the upbringing of innovations for contributing to improved and enhanced care, fit people, and in-budget spending.

Benefits for the Members of PCNOK

You may have gotten the idea that PCNOK is beneficial for both parties which are healthcare professionals and patients. However, let’s go through some exclusive benefits for both.

For Patients

If anyone is ill with a chronic disease or any other issue which is necessary to be tracked down frequently, PCNOK can help. The patients can access useful information about their diseases to prevent any life-threatening situation.

This thing is too relaxing for the patient’s family that the patient is under the doctor’s observation in the comfort of the home. The patient is monitored continuously under the strict supervision of healthcare professionals.

For the Professionals

All healthcare professionals are trained in their related fields to enhance their expertise. They get to operate close to other professionals and get more knowledge from their experience. Moreover, patients can get remote assistance from physicians in any emergency.

How does PCNOK execute its objectives?

Patient Care Network of Oklahoma is determined to take healthcare to an advanced level and assist people in Oklahoma. Patient Care Network of Oklahoma does a lot more things than you think they do. However, these are a few things that stand PCNOK out from other organizations.

Accessibility for Everyone

The members can access the services of the PCNOK using any payment method, including Medicare, Medicaid, and a lot more. Moreover, the PCNOK also provides discounts to patients under 200% of poverty. Though the term and conditions still apply. The primary aim is to make PCNOK accessible to everyone in Oklahoma.

Revolutions and Solutions

With time, new tools and technologies are developing in the medical field. The members of the PCNOK use them to revolutionize the old treatment methods for better treatment results. The solutions are figured out for all the problems that hinder the delivery of high-quality patient care.

Primary care Provider

PCNOK consists of over 125 urban healthcare-providing sites making it the largest primary care provider in Oklahoma. This primary care unit provides all the services ranging from the diagnosis of the disease to the treatment and the referral to a healthcare provider with more resources if the need arises.

Patient’s Experience Matters Too

No matter how advanced your healthcare services have become, the review of the patient about services still matters. It defines how better your services are according to the people utilizing them. The review of the patient includes the entire interaction of the patient with the whole healthcare system and every worker there. The significant aspects of the patient’s experience are getting the proper appointment at a suitable time, communication with the customer care service of the healthcare unit, and overall experience.

You can get feedback and surveys to know about their experience that will help you to point out and improve your shortcomings. You can assess the effectiveness and professionalism of your services and figure out ways to refine them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the source of the revenue of the PCNOK?

The major portion of its revenue comes from patient care services. However, donations, renting of apparatus, and pharmaceutical companies contribute to the passive income.

What is the approximate income of PCNOK?

According to the statistics for 2021, the organizations generated more than one million dollars from different income resources.

Will my insurance be accepted by PCNOK?

Yes, it will. The insurance from all the trusted health insurance companies, including Medicaid, Medicare, and Private insurance will be accepted by PCNOK.

What is the location of the headquarter of PCNOK?

The headquarter of PCNOK is in Oklahoma state of, USA.

Does PCNOK provide part-time employment?

Yes. Recently 24 out of the 107 workers at PCNOK have part-time employment.


Patient Care Network of Oklahoma is a dedicated corporation that utilizes advanced technology to upgrade medical activities across Oklahoma. Best services are provided to the patients regardless of their location in Oklahoma. The services are accessible and pocket-friendly for all the locals. Approach now and become a member of PCNOK that is determined to revolutionize the impact of healthcare on your mind.

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