Does Apple Cider Vinegar Help With Nerve Pain?

Are you interested in knowing about home remedies that can help reduce neuropathic agony? Can apple cider vinegar help with nerve pain? All such queries are going to be solved by the end, so keep reading. This type of pain comes from a health issue that impacts an individual’s, carrying sensation to their brain. Let’s shed some light on different sorts of neuropathic afflictions a person can face;

  • Trigeminal: It starts in the trigeminal nerve, i.e., the top of the ear, and goes to a person’s jaw and cheek.
  • Occipital: A unique type of headache that extends to your ears and upper neck. It also goes to the back of your head. It usually occurs on one side of the head.
  • Pudendal: It is the type of agony felt in a person’s pelvis. Although, one can also face such afflictions around or in their genitals.

It is vital to understand as much as possible about the type of afflictions we are discussing before cutting to the chase. Experts suggest that neuropathic agony is pretty distinct from other types of afflictions.

Can apple cider vinegar help with nerve pain

Do You Know About The Reasons Behind Neuropathic Pain?

Anyone suffering from mild to severe nerve afflictions may have a wound or a disease. Regardless, it takes place because of an unhealthy nervous system. One can also have issues in the nerves going from an individual’s brain and spinal cord to all the other parts of their body. Let’s shed some light on the factors that lead to neuropathic afflictions;

  • Deficiency of vitamins, specifically B12 and thiamine.
  • Alcohol abuse can lead to agonies in the nerves.
  • An injury in the brain, including severed nerves or issues in the spine, is often looked upon as one of the reasons behind neuropathic afflictions.
  • An interrupted or weak supply of blood to a person’s nerves is also one of the most common reasons behind neuropathic pain.

Did you know that health conditions like diabetes and cancer can also lead to neuropathic afflictions? Similarly, stroke and HIV/AIDs make the human body vulnerable to such pain. Research suggests that it can also be the aftermath of chemotherapy. A good thing to acknowledge here is that you can indulge in different practices to deal with it effectively. Let’s talk more about it.

How Can You Deal With Nerve Afflictions?

Here’s the thing, we understand that neuropathic afflictions can have notable impacts on your lives. Therefore, it is necessary to be aware of ways of dealing with it in a seamless manner. Rest assured that most of what you are about to read is possible without taking assistance from a professional. It is time to discuss methods for eliminating neuropathic agony as simply and effectively as possible. Here’s how one can do it;

Treatment for Nerve Pain

Use Turmeric As Described Here

A person can include this incredibly valuable spice to their everyday diet to handle nerve agony efficiently. Turmeric possesses several benefits, including anti-inflammatory attributes that assist in removing nerve affliction. Here’s how one can consume it;

  • Get yourself some warm milk in a glass
  • Add two to three tablespoons of turmeric and stir
  • Drink the solution before it gets cold

You can repeat this simple home remedy every day for a week. Continue its usage as required or if the pain comes back.

Can Apple Cider Vinegar Help With Nerve Pain?

Yes, it can. Apple cider vinegar is another fluid popularly found in everyone’s home. It has numerous beneficial properties that allow its consumers to live a better, healthy life. Apple cider vinegar fluid comes with various nutrients and minerals, such as phosphorus, calcium, potassium, etc. It also has sufficient deposits of magnesium. Guess what all of these can commonly do? Eliminate pain in the nerves to a great extent. Here’s how you can consume it;

  • Get a glass of warm water
  • Use two to three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar
  • Stir it well before consuming it

People often add honey to make it taste better because apple cider vinegar itself can be unpleasantly sour. This is due to the production process of the fluid in question. It undergoes fermentation that involves adding yeast to apple juice that ultimately changes to alcohol.

Moreover, bacteria make acetic acid by turning alcohol. It enables the final product to smell and taste pungent. Health professionals recommend people use this mixture twice a day for a month to witness positive outcomes.

Epsom Salt Also Proves Beneficial

This is a salt that can do wonders when you use it during a hot bath. It particularly helps with sciatica, i.e., the affliction in the lower area of your body. How does it prove useful? Epsom salt is enriched with magnesium. It is a mineral with calming effects on the sciatic nerve. Therefore, soaking yourself in a hot bath of this salt can reduce nerve agonies greatly. Here’s how to do it;

  • Fill the tub with hot water
  • Put three cups of Epsom salt in it and wait till it dissolves
  • Get inside the bathtub and stay for as long as thirty minutes

Of course, you have to assess the water’s temperature. The water should be warm enough to let the salt dissolve fully without burning your body.

How To Diagnose Nerve Pain?

Here’s how you can get checked for to confirm neuropathic pain;

  • A magnetic resource imaging scan (MRI) or computerized tomography (CT) scan helps see if there’s anything putting pressure on the suspected patient’s nerves.
  • Health professionals also opt for blood tests to ensure no underlying reasons go unnoticed.
  • There is another method involving nerve conduction studies. It gives you information about the time taken for the electrical signals to go through a person’s nerve.

Individuals can easily set up appointments with their physicians for body examinations. They will have a look at a person’s sensitivity, muscularity, and reflexes. Doctors give the final verdict after assessing each person’s body thoroughly.

The Bottom Line

Were you successful in getting an answer to your question, i.e., can apple cider vinegar help with nerve pain? Not only did we confirm the perks of using it to get rid of nerve pain, but we managed to add a few of our tips to deal with it. Neuropathic pain has adverse impacts on all areas of your life, including work, exercise, etc.

You may not always have enough time on your hands to run to the doctor’s office each time the pain comes back. Hence, it is good to know how to relieve nerve pain by yourself. All it takes are a few basic items found in nearly everyone’s household. So, do not let the pain lead your life and be wise enough to make the right choices.

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