Change Your Life Today by Eating Healthier

We hear about eating healthy and exercising every day in discussions of weight loss, battling obesity, and whatnot. But is it really effective? Does eating healthier, nutritious meals make a difference? Does it actually aid in weight loss and improve health conditions, or is it just a myth? I’ll share my story today as concrete proof, the story of how eating healthy changed my life completely.

How I’m grateful to that little voice in my head that motivated me to take the first step toward eating healthy. This is my story.

How Eating Healthy Changed My Life


I’ll start with a bit of backstory. Growing up, I was always the fat kid. No matter what I did, no matter how little I ate, the weight wouldn’t budge. My class fellows would consume twice the amount of food and not gain a pound in months, while it felt like I was gaining all the weight in their place. It was condescending and horrible; I got bullied a lot which made me even more insecure, leading to depression in my high school years and worsening it all.

I started stress eating and binge eating; every time I would get sad about my weight or feel miserable about my body, I would starve myself for a couple of hours — but then eat a lot more than usual. It was a disastrous cycle, one I couldn’t let go of.

I ate fast food when I was happy, or when I felt down, I would binge on fast food to make myself feel better. I had developed an unhealthy obsession with food, and alongside my weight rapidly increasing, I was also starting to get highly depressed because of it.

My Journey towards Healthy Eating and Results

It was hard to get into the routine. It all felt challenging to leave the cycle of processed foods and let those overly sugary desserts go while simultaneously trying to satiate the cravings. I started with a ketogenic diet.

Even though it was nutrient-rich, I often wanted to give up and fall back into my unhealthy eating routines, back into snacking throughout the night, eating fast food not out of hunger, just because I was bored. But I stuck to my diet routine, and it had become a habit in a few weeks.

I was eating healthier and not starving myself, and I could see the weight on the scale going down. While I had done no additional strenuous workout, the only thing I did was opt for a light jogging session in the morning and start intermittent fasting alongside my ketogenic diet.

5 Healthy Eating Tips

how eating healthy changed my life

Results and Benefits

I couldn’t imagine the wonders it was doing to me and my body. A routine where I don’t just eat salads all day and workout till my bones give out? And yet still— I have lost over 30 pounds in 3 months?

The realization did wonders for my self-esteem and my body and further motivation to stick to my healthy eating habits, even when I stopped my ketogenic diet because I didn’t feel the need to lose any more weight.

I knew I just needed to maintain it because I was at my ideal weight, which I am still doing, 4 years later, simply through improved and healthy eating habits and regular intermittent fasting.

Changes In My Life Because Of Eating Healthy Eating

  • Healthier eating literally reiterates the power of the diet itself, putting aside even the strenuous exercise that is often discussed in weight loss. Besides losing over 80 pounds that I had wanted to get rid of for over a decade, I could literally see so many other benefits. Healthy eating became my savior, a true blessing.
  • I had been battling skin allergies and several skin issues, including acne and eczema. I won’t say they completely vanished due to my improved diet, but I can confirm that my better eating routine served as a benefactor and aid in this journey.
  • My energy levels have improved significantly. I wasn’t just falling behind on my health before my journey, I was also starting to fall behind on my university projects, and my grades were dropping more and more. I had no motivation, but more so, I had no energy to work towards my goals at all. I would always be lazy and unable to finish my tasks and end up with heaps of problems. I was falling behind in life. Getting out of that rut, that dark phase in my life— I can surely credit it to my eating habits. They started as baby steps to improve my life but became the core motivational factor and my driving force.
  • I came out of the pit of depression I would keep falling into every time I saw myself in the mirror or weighed myself on the scale. I was a whole new person; I am a whole new person— I have become this new, improved person— simply through my efforts and hard work and by merely sticking to these healthy eating routines and rituals.
  • My self-confidence has improved, and so has my relationship with food. I’m not scared of eating what I want anymore, and neither do I have any guilt after I moderately satiate my cravings; I never thought this was possible.
  • I’m so grateful to the people that helped me along my journey, but most of all, I’m thankful to that older version of me that took a stand for me and decided it was time for a change. I feel comfortable in my skin, and I have never been happier.


Healthier eating has changed my life; I flipped it over a complete 180 degrees. I hope my story can inspire you to change your habits today. The little steps count.

So, whether it is trying to incorporate vegetables or working on your meal portion sizes, or if it is trying to figure out what diet to start your journey with or simply reading success stories of people on social media know that you’ve already embarked on your journey and started writing your very own success story.

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